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@ninichan03: did you know eating too much choco can lead to diabetes? that's a sweet way to go..
@hellokitty_fan86: what? that is SUPER weird!! why would you think to say that (@_@;)
@ninichan03: just being my cute self. scaring people! ~~~^_^
@swirly ADMIN: stop scaring people @ninichan03! that is against the rules of the guestroom.
@ninichan03 you guys are super boring. I'll go back to my vampire fan guestroom. i love death!
@ninichan03 you guys can suck it! like vampires suck the blooddd ~~ ε=( o`ω′)
@princessyoko83 You're weird, leave instantly!! ヽ(≧□≦)ノ
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