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    The website of a cute girl, existing on the internet all around the world! (◜▿◝)

    sweetchoco, It's my personal blog. I share pieces of my chocolate heart ☆( ◠‿◠ )☆

    Blog has been moved to FC2 Web. Will not list. The site will still be up!

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    The girl who runs the site is choco, a sweet girl

    happy sweet sensation ♪

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    The website is sweetchoco. It's my own archive of contents to share ♪(´▽`)

    August 21, 2003: TOP updated ♪(´▽`)
    August 12, 2003: Added media log
    August 12, 2003: My room is new!
    August 12, 2003: illustration room
    August 12, 2003: New post on blog
    August 11, 2003: Page creation!

    send me a letter! (*´ω`*)~♪
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