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☆ Room ☆ ☆ Content ☆
☆ Blog ☆
It's a page where I write about my life ♪(^∇^*)
☆ About Me ☆
(^◇^;)> A page about me, learn about Cioco!
☆ Media Log ☆
A page where I talk about games, movies, TV shows, books. Anything related to media!
☆ School ☆
A page about my school life.
☆ Illustrations ☆
My art! 🎨 ♪(´▽`)
☆ Rainbow Text
Generator ☆
This generator will generate a cute rainbow text for you! ✨
☆ Image Cursor
Generator ☆
This generator adds an image that follows your cursor!
☆ Web Garden ☆
not working at the moment. revamp.
☆ Guestroom ☆
A guestroom where you can write.. be careful with the rules!
☆ Link ☆
A collection of website pages I enjoy. (●´ω`●)

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