chocolate and all the information about her!

The girl blogger who owns this site ♪


~Nico and who is she?

Here I am... the creator of Choco, also known as choco! that is me (#^_^#)

This page might be a mix of random thoughts, but I hope I can bring out at least some of the better aspects about me in this text! ~(o´_`o)

I am a teenage girl with a heart full of sweet things ♪
I like blogging, collecting cute things, doodling, playing video games, watching TV shows, listening to music.. and so on.

I can describe myself as a kind, authentic person who isn't afraid to express opinions, doing so in a pleasant manner that doesn't discourage anyone. I'm also thoughtful, but more in the sense that I enjoy contemplating and theorizing about this universe and all its complexities...

I have another main website, which is just similar to this one, except focusing on Web Design. This one is for fun, and more personal. As I feel pressured constantly to have pretty design.

Thank you for showing interest in getting to know me! I hope my website brings joy to people ♪

~My Preferences!
I like!

writing blogs
gingham pattern

I don't like..

not being respected
spicy food
extreme heat

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